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Potty Chart

I know you can print out a ton of free potty charts online but instead I thought it would be cool to make my own. For 12 stickers he can then pick out "cool underwear", so far...2. It's not looking good. Please share any ideas, including bribery.


Anonymous said...

Has Zane asked to potty train and expressed a real interest and confidence to do it? I would wait until that interest is expressed. If he has expressed that, let me know and I'll email you and we can brainstorm a bit.

morninglight mama said...

How funny you should write about this now-- we're one week and one day into our potty party... our accident level varies by day (I tend to think of it in terms of the terrorism levels... today was a code yellow, while we were at home all day, but yesterday we were out all day and it was a code green... go figure.) I started with a potty chart, (I didn't even offer any reward beyond getting to put stickers on the paper... bad mom...) and by day 4 she adamantly refused to put any stickers. While she'd be sitting there on the pot, she'd yell out, "I don't want to put a sticker!!" Weird. So our potty chart went by the wayside...

So that was a lot of words and zero advice. Hmm. Good luck!!


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