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These Days I'm Crafting School Projects...

At 33 I never thought I'd been busting out the poster board to make an old fashion school project, but then again, I thought I was done with Algebra too. One of the two classes I am enrolled in at community college is Algebra for Liberal Arts Majors. I am finding it a big challenge. Luckily, for every test we have the instructor assigns a 'take home project' of equal value points. So, if you bomb the test you can still pass by getting good marks on the projects.

The project pictured above required us to take one of the three ways to solve a system of linear equations and promote it in an advertising campaign. All I have to say is that I wish I'd had Powerpoint when I was in school the first time!

I truly love being back in school. The business world does nothing for me. I've been working non-theatre related jobs for over a year now and I hate them. Yes, I'm aware that hate is a strong word but I am prepared to use it. I don't like the pettiness of office work and the older I get the harder it is for me to stomach sales jobs. There was a time when I could sell anything to anyone...and well I think that time is past. I'm too nice. I like meeting people and making friends but can't do that bottom line sales thing like I used to be able to do. (Don't get me wrong...the current office job I have is the best office job of all time. It is the business part that I am realizing I am not cut out for. It not business, it's me. I'm a polygon peg trying to fit into a square hole.) But school...oh school...I love the students and teachers. I love the classrooms and computers. I change my mind as quickly as the weather changes in Boulder, so I know to wait awhile to make sure this is the place for me - but right now school and I are in the early stages of love and all is great.

Well, except for me and math itself. I don't dislike the class - just math. I don't even dislike the concepts of algebra, my problem is that I can not reliably consistently add, subtract, multiply, and divide. For example, on my last test (which I got a B on) the teacher put a little question mark by my formulas with a note that said, "Where do you get this number?" Which was a valid question, seeing as how I had done everything right except adding the decimals correctly.

Once this math class is done it will be a huge relief. The other credits I need before I can enter the Masters of Education Program are mostly English classes and a few Science classes which my mind is more suited to comprehend. Until then I be making the best of Take Home Projects!

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