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Mummy Halloween Costume

My children's elementary school has a storybook parade on Halloween day. Children are encouraged to dress up like their favorite character from a book. As a working mom I didn't have the time to create a costume for school and a costume to wear out trick or treating. Nor did I want to spend the money on two costumes so whatever they choose for school needed to also work for trick or treating. 

At the time my oldest wanted to be a mummy so we found a book at our library that had the word "Mummy" in the title and was on his reading level at that time, we read it and then made this very simple costume. I picked up a yard of white cotton fabric at my local craft store and cut it into wide strips. I then sewed the strips onto a white long sleeve t-shirt and sweatpants. Being sure to leave some of the fabric strips hanging loose so that he looked as though he was coming undone. I then took the remaining white fabric and wrapped it loosely around his head to complete his mummy costume. Simple and it only took a night to complete.
 Book: Icky Ricky #1: Toilet Paper Mummy
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