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What does Clean Eating for a Family really look like?

I often get asked this question by people who are interested in health coaching but have resistance to it because they’ve done diets before where they felt like they were starving all of the time or they have been burned by people promising to teach them how to eat healthy and then discover that they are required to purchase shakes and bars from that person resulting in a bill that cost hundreds of dollars each month.

When I work with clients in my health coaching business I meet them where they are in their life. I listen and we create goals that challenge them but are attainable and don’t cost a fortune.

I don’t believe in radical shifts to your diet. They just aren’t maintainable. The reality is that you have a family and you work and you don’t have time to do all the things that the radical shift instructs you to do! Instead, I like to encourage small changes. Creating new habits that will become not just a diet but a lifestyle. That isn’t to say that major changes in your diet don’t have a place, there are a time and a place for them. For example when you are trying to figure out what foods are causing you bowel discomfort, allergic reactions or skin problems. I will also happily offer suggestions for supplements and shakes that clients can use, but you aren’t required to purchase them from me. I tell you about products that I have used personally and where I tend to purchase them (hello Costco!).

My health coaching clients learn to create new habits that are maintainable for their lifestyle whether they are overworked, have a long commute or have kids who are picky eaters. Here is an example of what my family dinners look like this week. We have two parents and two kids, the kids each get a say in what will be for dinner. You’ll notice that not everything in the picture is organic and you’ll also notice that one night this week we are having hotdogs! A gasp! Right? Hotdogs is what one of my kids chose for dinner this week so we go with gluten-free turkey franks without nitrates served with a side salad and vegetarian baked beans. This is a perfect example of what clean eating can look like, you can still eat what your family wants. You don’t have to make a total radical shift but instead making small shifts towards healthier choices. Let’s talk about what health coaching would look like for you! Send me an email - Gretchen (at)

Here is what's for dinner at my house this week that I am making out of the items pictured.
Total cost $67.17!
Hotdogs, vegetarian baked beans, side salad.
Ground chicken taco, nacho chip salads with cheese and salsa (not shown).
Tofu veggie stirfry with cauliflower rice (not shown).
Copycat P.F. Changs chicken lettuce wraps 
Leftover Night- salad bowls with a fruit salad.


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