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Reusable Sandwich Bags / Placemats

Now that I'm back in school, I've got to pack a lunch to take to school. Unlike when I go to the office which has a fridge and microwave, I have to take something that can stay in my backpack until my break between classes. I need it to be compact and be able to be unrefrigerated for a couple of hours. So of course, I've been taking various sandwiches - from hummus and veggies to left over turkey. I hate using a plastic baggie but glass or even Tupperware is too clunky so I did a Google search for patterns so that I can make a reusable sandwich bag.

Thanks DIY community! There were tons of great ideas out there to solve this problem. My favorite was blogged at The Small Object Steno Pad. Great instructions. I can't wait till I'm caught up on my math homework so that I have time to make one these!

These pictures are from the website: The Small Object Steno Pad.

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Liz said...

Are you aware that the site you link to no longer exists? I don't know whether Wrap-n-Mat (the people who originally came up with this design) asked the owner to remove it, or she just realized that she might be in violation of a copyrighted design and took it down voluntarily. In any case, the link no longer works.


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