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Tattoos for Tots

My kids hate temporary tattoos. But every other kid we see has them on, legs and arms covered. It's a little sad really for Jon and I since we both proudly display our tatts and plan for more. Ah well, I guess they will become bankers after all.

But the reason for the post...sorry I get distracted when excited...or all the time really. So I came across this cool company Tattoos for Tots. 2 mamas, one use to be a teacher and the other a graphic designer, combined their talent and came up with educational temporary tattoos! Yes you read that right. Educational! Love it! So for all you mamas and papas out there that cringe every time your sweet child wants another Disney princess applied to her arm, pick up some of these tatts and she will be reading and spelling in no time. And they even have princess and pirate tattoos!
Aunties and Uncles...bookmark this page because these are the types of gifts that will make you the cool Auntie, well to every kid but mine.

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