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Dog Parks

I take Dharma to the dog park every night. I swear I could walk her 20 miles and she would still not be tired. So in order to have her in a zen state, in the evening while Jon and I are trying to get work done while the kids are asleep, we have to go to the dog park. It's really not an option. We both now have our favorite owners and dogs to see and socialize with. I enjoy it as much as Dharma, I think, because it allows me to have adult conversations about things other than potty training and kid stuff. The other night I actually had a conversation about politics! I've also picked out some other crafty chicks and we've become great friends. So if you have a dog go to Dog Park USA and see if there is a dog park near you.

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morninglight mama said...

Conversations about things OTHER than potty training and kids?!?! Maybe I need to get me a dog...


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