Sharing recipes, crafts and frugal living, the challenges and triumphs of parenting a neurotypical child and a child on the Autism Spectrum. Yoga Instructor said goodbye to her nightly glass of Chardonnay to give up habits that were not serving her purpose in life! The CocktailMom name remains, however with a new focus on healthy and authentic living.


Halloween Craftyness!

Crafty moms everywhere have their sewing machines humming, glue guns hot and ready, spray paint poised...ready to finish the last minute Halloween costume or crafts. I'm not a costume maker. I know this information may catch you off guard. And maybe someday I will change my tune. But right now my boys are into classic things; superheros, ghosts, skeletons etc. Things I can find readily available at any thrift store for cheaper than I can make it. This year I actually found a handmade Robin (of Batman and Robin) costume at our local thrift store. I know whoever slaved away to make this elaborate outfit would be overjoyed to discover that there is another little boy in the world who chooses the sidekick as his favorite hero too.
Zane discovered this fabric remnant during a recent Joann's visit and I promised to make him a trick or treat bag to match his skeleton outfit. Sewing machine buzzing at 9am, and I am finished in plenty of time to fill it with loot tonight. Have a happy Halloween!!!


Sweet Potato-Spinach-Mushroom Burrito

When I was recently in Philly we ate at this really great restaurant, El Vez, and I had this amazing burrito. I came home and I did my best to recreate it. Sweet potatoes, portabello mushrooms, tofu, corn and a dash of cilantro. I tried. I will admit the one I ate in Philly was amazing, absolutely amazing...but my recreation was pretty darn good and I'll definitely be making it again.


Whole Wheat Pancakes

This recipe whips up enough pancakes to feed a hungry family of 4. I like to top my pancakes with peanut butter and Greek yogurt to add a punch of protein to a somewhat carb heavy breakfast.

3 cups Whole Wheat Flour
3 teaspoons baking powder
2 teaspoons salt
3 tablespoons vegetable oil
3 cups whole milk
3 eggs well beaten


FREE Night of Theatre

I love seeing live theatre. I didn't appreciate the amount of theatre I saw when I lived in NYC, I totally took seeing a show a week for granted. Just heard about this company though and I'm super excited about it. FREE THEATRE!! Theatre Communications Group's FREE NIGHT OF THEATER program is celebrating its 5th anniversary, I can hardly believe this is the first I have heard of them. Free Night introduces people to the thrill of live theatre- absolutely free of charge! Yes read that line again...FREE THEATRE!!!

"Last fall, 650 theatre companies, in 120 cities from coast to coast, opened their doors to over 65,000 new theatergoers. This year, our participating theatre companies will offer even more tickets for free. Join thousands of audience members - from Portland to Charleston, and from Houston to Minneapolis - and explore all the wonderful entertainment your local theatre community has to offer! Whether you've never been to the theatre before, or just haven't been in a long time, our Free Night theatres have something for you!"- from their site

Click here and see if what is showing in your area.


CocktailMom Etsy Store

Things are moving and changing, I'm on the cusp of a new journey and I love, absolutely LOVE being in this spot. Embarking on something new. Embracing the change. Acknowledging the fear and moving past it....leaping.
After 6 years I've decided to shut down and move all the items I make under one name, CocktailMom. I opened an Etsy store and currently stocked it with some children's items. Yes I am still going to sell hip gear for kids but I'm also going to offer upcycled items for you and your home. I'm really excited about expanding beyond children's items and I hope you will enjoy being able to purchase the items you've seen featured on the blog.
(raising glass) Here's to embracing change and leaping. CHEERS!


Philadelphia's Magic Gardens

I just did a whirlwind trip to Philly to see Cirque du Soleil. Absolutely amazing show, if you ever have the chance to catch a it! You won't be disappointed.
But before seeing the show my friend Lauren and I bopped around the city in the cold rain, had lunch and went to the Philadelphia Magic Gardens. And boy are they magical!
"Philadelphia's Magic Gardens is a folk art environment, gallery space, and nonprofit organization that showcases the work of mosaicist Isaiah Zagar. Located at the site of Zagar's largest public mosaic installation, the Magic Gardens includes a fully mosaiced indoor gallery and a massive outdoor labyrinthine mosaic sculpture. The installation, primarily consisting of found objects and contributions from the community, covers half a city block with myriads of tile, texture, and color. A walk through the labyrinth will reveal sculptures from Latin America and Asia, bicycle wheels from local South Street shop Via Bicycles, Zagar's hand-made tiles, and mirrors of every shape and size."=from Philadelphia's Magic Gardens website
Walking through the maze and the building your eyes never stop scanning and trying to take it all in. At times it feels a bit overwhelming and then you spot this message on the wall and you gasp. Yes, inspiration will find you when you didn't know you were looking for it.

Amazing garden paired with an amazing show. Philly I'll be back to see you again.


Star Wars Printable Masks

For those of you with Star Wars fans in your house this may make your day...DIY printable Star Wars masks! There are many to choose from and all you do is download and print right from your computer. Instant Halloween costume without the big price tag!


A week in the 7

My musical theatre degree really comes in handy everyday at story time. I don't think my kids realize that not every mom can do character voices/accents.


A week in the 6

Every coat pocket has an acorn in it..they are multiplying faster than I can keep track of.


A week in the 5

Picky eaters reside in our house and every third morning I can be found making pancakes while balancing packing lunches and getting coffee started. My pancakes are perfect for hiding a whole lot of veggie goodness.


A week in the 4

The day starts with coffee and a cute skirt and ends in wine and comfy jeans....from beginning to end.


A week in the 3

Some days the predictability of my life makes me want to scream. And yet I do the same repetitive movement to cultivate inner peace.
I'm a contradiction.


A week in the 2

When both of the boys are at school Dharma is always right beside me. Always within a foot, I'm constantly tripping over her, accidentally stepping on her tail/foot. Though there are times when I've tripped over her (for the 7th time) and near missed a face-plant I feel like "grrr this is my time"..then she looks up at me with those sad eyes and I melt. She's a nice companion to have right at your feet. She knows exactly when to lay her head in your lap so you'll take a moment to breathe and just be.


A week in the life...

One of my favorite scrapbookers, Ali Edwards, introduced this concept to me about recording a week in pictures and words of your life. I'm going to give it a try, for 7 days I'm going to capture life in just one or two pictures and share it with you. Hope you enjoy a glimpse into my world.
Here is Logan and I doing the "superman" on the swings...we always end up laughing hysterically while we near miss bonking heads or falling off, and then him begging to do it again and again.


Stepping off the Line

I carry my camera with me everywhere I go with the hope that I will become more comfortable with it, that it will just become an extension of my hand. Practice makes perfect right? That being said last year I came across a blog,that now I can't find to link to, regardless it has stayed with me mentally. This chick decided to take a portrait a week of someone in her community, with the idea that she would get better at photography while getting to know her neighbors. I'm totally comfortable taking pictures of kids, asking the parents if it's ok, while my kids play on the playground too. But I get nervous asking an adult if I can take their picture. I don't know why..I'm a very outgoing person but I get hung up on approaching a stranger and taking their picture. Typically these people aren't the prettiest or best dressed but more interesting looking to me. Beautiful in a different way. Pleasing to my eye. Yesterday I "stepped off the line" and asked this guy at my local skate park if I could take his picture. Within minutes he was telling me his story, this often happens to me with strangers...they just tell me things, personal things, things I don't think they tell other strangers. It was remarkable.
It was easy, once I stepped off the line.


Century Bike Ride = 100 miles of Happiness

This past weekend I did a century bike ride, that's 100 miles on a bike folks. The ride was organized by Massapequa Park Bicycle Club and called Tour of the Hamptons. It was very well organized, the route was clearly marked, the rest stops fully supported and the volunteers were very friendly.
The night before the ride I was anxious, doubting I'd be able to finish in time. I awoke many times in the middle of night lunging upright searching for the alarm clock to reassure me that I didn't sleep through it.
By 7:30am I was on my bike. It was chilly in the Hamptons and thankfully I packed a hoodie. (mental note: need fall bike clothes) The ride was nice and flat, not the prettiest ride I've done but when you are doing 100 miles..flat is really good! I won't bore you with every detail of the ride...there were some really funny moments and someday when we meet up for a coffee or cocktails I'll tell you about them. But all in all it was an amazing day with my girlfriend Lauren beside me we finished the ride in 9 hours. A day full of lots of laughter, lots of great conversations and the remarkable feeling of screaming our heads off when our odometers read 100 miles! And jumping off our bikes and doing cartwheels across the finish line. Thank you NY for a fantastic weekend!
Here are some pictures...


Pimped out Laptop Bag

My husband, Jon, wanted a laptop bag to use on days when he bikes to work. I had every intention of making him one entirely from scratch but then I spotted this one @ Ikea and it was cheaper than buying the supplies and making one so I decided to pimp out the inside of the bag. The main fabric is left over from the baby crib bedding I made when Zane was a baby and the smaller fabric is leftover from the curtains I made for his office. I created a pocket with clear vinyl leftover from a tablecloth packaging. I added additional batting also leftover from a quilting project. Maybe I should call this the pimped out-leftover-laptop bag.
Happy Birthday Honey!


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