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My food challenge

Food is always our biggest expense so I decided today after going to the grocery store...I went in to get bread and walked out with 40 bucks of stuff. Why does this happen to me every time??
And the funny thing is, my friend Erin and I were just talking about this mere minutes before when we parted ways at the playground.
So my new challenge is that I am not going to buy anymore food except milk and eggs until we have nothing left to eat in our fridge, in our pantry or freezer. This challenge is really only for my hubby and I because the kids are very picky about food that they would never be able to participate. I'm going to make a list of everything we eat to later share with you and to see how long we can actually go without running to the grocery store. Now if you are a loyal reader you would know that I've said this before. The mistake I made last time was starting when the freezer was already looking bare and also right before we had guests visiting. You can't have guests visiting and have them on board for scrambled eggs for dinner, that just won't do.
So this time I am really giving it my all...should be interesting. Anyone want to join me?

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Anonymous said...

Hoo boy...better get ready ;)


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