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Mini Recipe Book

My son, Logan, is on a GF/CF diet and because of that I make a lot of his food from scratch. I can honestly say it never varies, he will only eat a handful of things. So instead of pulling out a recipe book each time I need to make bread, pancakes or cookies I decided to make a mini version of a recipe book. All of the recipes we make on a weekly basis conveniently located in one easy to use book. It will also be easier for me to ask my hubby to take a turn making pancakes one morning and he can just grab the recipe cards and find it. Instead of asking me a million questions on where to find the recipe, which recipe is it again, what flour do I substitute for corn, do we have corn flour yet? Does this sound familiar?

I hand wrote each recipe on an index card. I only wrote out the ingredients and oven temperature, if applicable, because by now I know the cooking process of my recipes. Each index card I put on a piece of printed paper to add a bit of pizazz. I put a circle hole punch in the upper left hand corner and used a binder ring to hold it all together. Also the binder ring is great for hanging in your kitchen. If you find yourself using the same recipes each week, take 10 minutes and make an easy mini version of your recipe book. It will save you time in the long run.

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Nikki said...

And a great gift idea too! Super cute!


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