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Eye Candy

I felt like I couldn't come up with anything crafty to make. When ever I feel this way I spend a few moments at the library and I just grab a bunch of books. "Filling the creative well", I'd call it with eye candy from books. I highly suggest it the next time you are feeling blah about crafting. I know some folks like to surf the net but there is something about sitting down with a book in your lap and being right there and allowing your mind to wonder. Instead of clicking, pop ads flashing at you, and finding yourself 20 websites from where you started. In my recent search I read a book about pot holders, yup there is an entire book about them. Well it got me thinking about potholders (duh!) and how we have the ugliest ones and I'm often thankful I never put food on the table for serving because they are so ugly. All that has changed. I went to work and created some super cute ones. Also the books sparked ideas of crafts to make as gifts for Christmas. Now I'm super excited to get to work and create!

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