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Making Magnets on Monday

There's nothing like starting your week with a craft project! Zane and I went to work creating new magnets for the fridge. The fridge was getting overrun with those free magnets, the ones that get thrust in your direction at festivals or sent in the mail from the newspaper. As if a magnet is going to entice you to subscribe.
So instead of the chaos I picked up some of these flat wooden stars and Zane and I painted them and then I attached 3/4 round super strong circle magnets (sold at Michael's craft store). Regardless of whether you have kids to make this craft with or not, take a few minutes and give your fridge a face lift. If you can paint a wall you can do this craft. And the added bonus is that it doesn't take long to do!


Potato said...

Great craft idea! And thanks for the lovely comments on my blog. Your community sounds terrific. I'd love to trade links, thanks for the offer- it just might take me a bit to update mine as I'm not on the computer much these days, but I'll get to it! Nice to "meet" you!

Anonymous said...

This would be a great gift that the boys could do and give to the grandparents. They could put 2 eyes and a smile for a smiley face star.


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