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Rainy Day Fun- Ring Toss Game

When it's raining outside kids become restless but that is no excuse for not being active or moving their bodies. Try making a ring toss game out of recycled materials and put a new spin on a rainy day afternoon.  

First cut out large circles in three paper plates to make rings to throw. To make the actual standing peg use a paper towel tube or two toilet paper tubes taped together. Cut a small circular opening in one paper plate to pass the tube through the paper plate. Slice the tube and fold up and tape to the underside of the paper plate, see second picture. Then have the kids decorate the peg and the rings with markers and stickers.

The Bee Yoga Fusion YogaKids enjoyed adding a yoga element to our ring toss game. The person throwing had to stand in tree pose while trying to throw their ring around a peg. Give it a try with your kids today!   


Cobra Pose and a Snake Craft for Little Yogis

The Bee Yoga Fusion YogaKids love doing cobra pose. Lay on your belly and place your hands on either side of your chest. Lift your chest up by pressing into your hands. It feels so good in your body when you lift your chest up and feel your shoulders drop back as your back stretches. Your legs stay straight and keep a slight bend in your arms. 
We worked on the actual yoga pose and then made some snakes out of paper and attached a piece of yarn to the snake head to allow the snake to naturally spin. Click the link to download the snake template, print out and color with crayons or colored pencils. ENJOY!


Christmas Ornament Organizing

I know you are not even thinking about Christmas right now! I know, I know. But hear me out.
You know those plastic containers that the Costco apples come in? I personally hate recycling them…I just know that they have to have another life. And here is a great way to re-use those plastic apple holders to give them more life and to help you organize your Christmas decorations. Glass ball ornaments fit perfectly in each apple holder or place several delicate ornaments in each space. The options are limitless! Then you can easily stack them in a rubbermaid container to store in your attic/garage/basement.
Happy Spring Cleaning!


Lego Racetrack

I love the creativity that Legos provides for children both in engineering and design. Instead of giving the Bee Yoga Fusion YogaKids directions on how to create a particular lego model I decided that together, as a team, we should make a racetrack. Each lane was made by several kids at once, it was a great activity to nourish their unique personalities.

We propped our racetrack up on a few yoga blocks under a board so that the Hot-wheels cars would speed down the track.

With the cold weather upon us, try having your kids create a racetrack out of Legos! Predict which car will go the fastest and record your results.


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