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Amazon Fresh

I loved the 5 years we spent in Seattle. The grayness during the winter never really got to me. I did get testy the year we had 29 days of rain in a row..but other than that I really liked living in Seattle. The only problem was that is was on the other coast from almost all of our friends and family. And the cost of airplane flights to NYC or DC was increasing, as was our family. But here's the deal, Seattle is just ahead of the game in many respects. Recycling: the second apt we lived in in Seattle the garbage company would fine you if they found recyclables in your trash bag. And yes they did fine, my neighbor got one and had a hissy fit about cleaning out a peanut butter jar. And now here is another one. Amazon Fresh! I am so jealous that Seattle folks have this. Basically you shop on amazon for fresh groceries and they are delivered to your door. Now before folks start commenting saying...oh but safeway/giant do that! Let me finish. They have all the specialty stuff. Like sugar free, kosher, and the big one for me...gluten free! They have all the products that I drive to 3 stores to get. And to make matters's cheaper on Amazon Fresh! I am so jealous.
Please Amazon please...a mom of a GF/CF picky eater begs you...please add the greater DC area to your delivery area. PLEASE!!!

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