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I am an Iron Girl!

Well some of you may recall me mentioning months ago that I was going to compete in my 2nd triathlon. (previous post here)
Well I did it!
I am extremely proud of my time and my ability to finish the race. I didn't get as much training in as I would have liked but I showed up and did my best. First swam 1 mile in a lake and then rode 17 miles on bicycle and then ran 3.4 miles. And yes that .4 of a mile does matter! The experience was amazing. The energy is contagious and the sense of accomplishment in the end is worth the sore legs I had for 2 days after. I highly recommend it to any woman. No matter how old you are or what size you are. I met a woman racing that was 77 years old and I met another woman who had her first baby 8 weeks ago and while putting on my bike helmet, I spotted her putting nursing pads in her tri suit. "Do you think anyone else here is wearing nursing pads?", she asked me with laughter in her voice. "nope", I replied with a smile. And then a woman 6 months pregnant ran by us to start the bike. It takes all kinds and for that I am so grateful.


Nikki said...

Congrats on finishing! How is it that you looks so smiley and stylish in every single picture?! You don't look tired at all :)

morninglight mama said...

It was great meeting you tonight, and I just wanted to say once again that this whole running, swimming, biking thing is freakin amazing! Way to go!

Anonymous said...

We are proud of you too. Hopefully next time you won't have to pull the kids (90 lbs) with your bike and pushing the 90 lbs while you are training for your running and biking. BUT it paid off. Great job.
Mom & Dad

Unknown said...



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