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Office Curtains

Oh the sweet hum of my sewing machine filling the's been too long. Zane has been out of school since early May and I haven't had the chance to sew. My mom (more often than I would like) reminds me that Zane is just like I was as a child...he demands constant attention. And I want to give him that, I want to honor his spirit and who he is within. So sewing has been non existent. A lot of crafting has been put on the back burner and sadly it shows with my lack of blog posts. The thing is I need sewing like some need mediation or prayer. I've come to realize that feeling fabric run over my fingertips as it creeps across my machine is like rosary beads are to a Catholic chanting the Hail Mary. So how can I deny myself that? And isn't it my duty as a mom to come to this role whole in mind and spirit?

Neither of my kids nap, haven't for years. And I have loads of guilt about putting them in front of the TV for any amount of time. But there comes a point when you have to. And I am embracing that. Honoring my need to fill my well creatively so that I can return to this mother role with my heart full and my mind at peace. I want my children to remember a mother who took time for herself so that she could give back to them and the community. I want to be an example for my boys that women and men too need to honor their self, their spirit.

So without further ado...curtains for the office! I didn't want purchase anything. I wanted to feed my creative well while not emptying the bank account. The actual curtains were handed down from a friend but were too short for our window so I added the prints of fabric to the bottom which came from my scrap pile. Love free crafting!


Lori said...

and i loooove that they're recycled, to boot!

Good for you, Miz Gretchen for recognizing the need to take care of yourself (as well), and doing something about it. i couldn't agree with you more, on every single point you made...♡


Lori said...

Good Morning! :)

I just checked my email and read my Daily Peace Quote. I immediately thought of you and your blog post and thought you would enjoy it....

If you want to do your best for future generations of humanity, for your friends and family, you must begin by taking good care of yourself.
- Tarthang Tulku Rinpoche

Nikki said...

I can totally relate to what you are saying. During the school year I blocked out one day a week just for me & sewing. I've missed it so much this summer! I love those curtains. The border looks great!


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