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Living Room Cafe Curtains

Ok seriously I am done with curtains. Clearly it's all I have been working on since pulling the machine out of it's vacation. Done, moving on. I swear!

Here are the cafe curtains I made for the living room. We are a middle townhouse unit which means we don't have a lot of windows so I really didn't want anything that would completely cover the windows but I did want a bit more privacy from the teenagers who hang out on the public playground right outside of our house at 11 pm every Friday night.

As with the other curtains I made I didn't want to buy fabric, I have more than enough fabric in this house that needs to be used...I just had to get a bit creative since I wanted 3 identical panels but didn't have any large pieces of fabric. So I used what I had..white fabric left over from curtains I made in a previous apartment, strips of tan corduroy which weren't quite long enough so I had to add another fabric. It's funny how something that you think is a hangup, that it isn't going to work at all and then it turns into the thing that ties it all together. And the added bonus is that I have plenty of that striped fabric to make a throw pillow! Future blog post!

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Lori said...

i'm sorry, what were you saying?! i got so distracted by the lamps...but i did notice the lovely way they sit in the blocks of color in your curtains that make them very focused, like columns! i love it.


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