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I am an Iron Girl, Again!

They are contagious..once you do are hooked. Especially when it's an Iron Girl Triathlon hosted by the Columbia Triathlon Association. Not only is it a really well run event, this thing is a machine with the friendliest volunteers imaginable. And the swag bag is awesome!
I did this triathlon last year, you can read about it here, this year I did a relay. Originally it was suppose to be myself and 2 friends but sadly one of my friends had a family emergency and was unable to participate. (we missed you Lauren!!!)
I did the swim and the bike and Heather did the run. We totally rocked it and finished in 2 hours and 10 minutes. There were 56 relays and we came in 16th!!!
Yeah, I'll definitely be doing it again. And next year I'm even going to attempt a bigger tri, an Olympic distance!


annasoc said...

Look at you, you strong women, you.

Nikki said...

Way to go, Gretchen, congratulations! I've also thought about doing an Olympic next year. We can train in spirit together :)

Anonymous said...

will you marry me?

oh, wait...


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