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Summer Haircuts

Well we finally have summer here in MD. The air conditioners have been pulled out of the attic and properly placed in the windows. I can barely hear the sounds of summer whispering through the windows and instead the constant hum of the air conditioner replaces it. I prefer to live with the windows open. To hear the barking of dogs in other yards warning our dog, Dharma, that someone is out for their walk, the laughter of children on the playground outside of our house or the sweet smell of onions and peppers on the grill wafting through our windows.
With the heat comes haircuts. I will admit part of me didn't want to do it...I love my boys with long locks. Logan's is so straight and blonde and my word can he look any more Californian? And Zane with the sweet curls, love! They both chose their own hairdos though half way through cutting Logan's he changed his mind. Thank goodness I started the clippers in the back! And that would be the official Captain America pose Logan is doing and Zane..well that's just him.


morninglight mama said...

They look FANTASTIC! :)

corie said...

Sending smooches all over the place to those boys. Can you believe what a terrible Auntie I was on the phone re: haircuts? Must redeem self, for heaven's sake look at those beautiful children!

Lori said...

omg, could you've had more handsome boys?!
i feel ya on those curls! love the curls...

Gretchen said...

Corie you are so funny! I took no offense when we spoke. :) Thanks Lori and M-light mama!


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