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The Covered Bridge Metric Century

I like to ride fast. It's not because I want to get to the destination or the finish line. No. I'm definitely enjoying the journey. I just like the speed. I like to look down at my odometer and see that I am powering my body and my bicycle to go down this country road at 18 miles/hr. I like the thrill of gripping my handlebars down a hill as I lay low on my bike and feel a tingle throughout my body. I like the quiet it creates in me. My breath being my only companion as I pump up a hill.
This past weekend I did The Covered Bridge Metric Century Ride within the beauty of Lancaster, PA. The Lancaster Bicycle Club organized and executed one of the best rides I've been on to date. The route was clearly marked, the rest stops were stocked and the bridges were breathtaking. A perfect way to spend a Sunday, did I mention there was Turkey Hill ice cream at the finish?

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