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Front door curtain: finally some privacy

We just celebrated 2 years in our current house. And I'm still finding things to make and do around the house. Granted I think I've moved the furniture around in the living room on almost a monthly basis. It's become a long running joke amongst family and friends. Right when they walk in, they look around and try and guess what has moved or how the room is different.
The newest thing I've made is a curtain for our front door. Once again I wanted to use what I had on hand and because our living room is one open space I wanted it to coordinate with the living room valance. Our front door is normally open when we are home so the curtain isn't going to get much love but it will supply a bit of privacy for those rare moments when I have to make a naked dash to get something out of the laundry room. I'm not the only one who does that right? :)


Lori said...

the door itself is so AWESOME. i've never seen windows like that in a door! well done, Chica. ;)

Gretchen said...

Thanks Lori! The door is original to our 70 year old house, I don't think we'll ever be able to replace it even if we wanted to. The size is totally whacked.


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