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Advice from a Mom

One of my dear friends, Cindy, just had a baby. (isn't he the cutest?!?!) As an (ahem) experienced mom...I can barely stop from laughing just typing that sentence..but I guess with 2 kids well past toddlerland and into school-age marks that I've "been there done that". I've gotten asked, "what thing could you not live without as a mom". It's a hard question. Because every child is different. Logan hated being held for long periods of time and was happiest in a bouncy seat observing the world from a safe distance, hmmm not much has changed. And on the opposite end there was Zane who I would joke,with anyone who would listen, that I was attachment parenting-not by choice! The kid had to be held 24/7. I would check my email, sew, cook all while Zane saw the world from the sling.

So that being said, my favorite thing to buy a new mom is The Baby Safe Feeder. It was invented by a dad who saw a need and created something to help his child. The best ideas are born this way, in my opinion. Both of my boys used and loved their baby safe feeders, to try new foods or to help soothe teething gums. Soon enough I'm sure baby Caden will be enjoying some frozen peas in his Baby Safe Feeder while mom and dad worry if he'll ever cut that first tooth.

The other thing that I never thought would be such a staple in my house is our pizza cutter. Yes a pizza cutter! I have 2, just in case one is dirty or can't be found ASAP. Pizza cutters are great for saving you time. And the added bonus...a small child can't cut themselves with it! Don't try and pretend you've never been there and if you haven' will if you have a second child. You're tired, forgetful, pulled in so many directions...or God forbid, you are sick as a dog and still have to perform your mommy duties. Scenario: You are making a sandwich for child #1 and right as you turn your back child #2 grabs the knife and sticks it in his mouth or stabs the cat all resulting in an emergency run. Or hopefully just a band-aid, as was my case. Anyway the pizza cutter is great for cutting tiny pieces of food for the very new to eating babies. Great for quickly cutting up kids' pancakes or waffles...reduces whining by 50%. And crusts on sandwiches..forget it!
Pull yours out and give it a try. And once you've grown accustomed to having one within easy reach make a list of all the things you can do with it and hand it off to the new mom in your life. Or better yet share it here in the comments.

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hadjare said...

Ohh pizza cutter ... that IS a good idea! Thanks for passing that on.


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