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I am Enough.

A group of women who call themselves the lovebombers recently got together for a week retreat in Oregon to fuel their souls, create and just be. From following their different blogs and seeing snip its of pictures it seems like the most amazing week.
The picture above is from their week. Katherine Center, one of the women at the retreat, painted words, poems, declarations on each woman's body. This picture has really spoken to me. It lives on my desktop. It fills my soul with breath, calms the to-do ticker running through my mind, my shoulders relax.
Their creative escape has inspired me to think of creating something similar. Anyone interested? Kelly Rae Roberts posted advice on how to get one started on her blog. Think of how amazing a week retreat would be, surrounded by natural beauty and creative women who you admire.
Sounds heavenly.

Here are links to the blogs of the women who call themselves Lovebomb.
Kelly Rae Roberts
Superhero Journal
Ali Edwards
Jen Lemon
hula seventy
Mother may i
Jen Gray
Jen Lee
Katherine Center
Ordinary Courage
Gypsy Girl's Guide

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morninglight mama said...

Holy cow, how I would LOVE that!!! It is beyond challenging for me to think that "I am enough" when I'm so hypercritical of myself... I love this idea, and I'm a HUGE Katherine Center fan, so I was sold immediately on the idea. :)


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