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Mini Album: Jitterbugs!

While in Seattle I was taken away by my friend Corie's basket of mini albums, they were amazing and completely inspired me. I've made some as gifts but I haven't really made any for our house. No idea why, just haven't. I typically scrapbook within one album and when that's full I move on to the next one. I really like the idea of making these mini books for special trips and I forced myself to step off the line of how I normally scrapbook. Typically my pages are very precise, clean..a tad OCD. :) So with this mini book I played around with different sizes and used things in ways that I normally wouldn't. The overall size is 5"x7". Because I want my albums handled a lot I purchased the protective sleeves at Staples (which cause a glare in the pictures, sorry.). Corie and Wendi took me to their favorite scrapbook store on Mercer Island and I purchased only things for this mini album (also not something I normally do). I am now in love with the acrylic overlays. So fun! I used my Xyron to laminate the pictures with an adhesive on the back to add photos to the overlays. I LOVE how this mini album has turned out and I feel compelled to look at it often, to lay it in people's laps when they settle on the couch. I'm just so proud of it and it also helps that 3 of my favorite women are on the pages.

Click on the image above to see a larger picture of each page.

I wanted to highlight each woman and journal about them along with capturing their kids. Some of my favorite parts:
Corie: Corie and I stayed up late into the night talking. No cocktails. Just us. We talked about how we are feeling...honestly...about parenthood and our roles. Corie is my sister, my lifelong friend.
Wendi: I adore this woman. A constant reminder for me to not take this "motherhood" thing so seriously.
Nikki: I just want to wrap my arms around her and kiss her and fall into that friendship on a daily basis.
And yes ladies I promise to upload all the pictures I took very, very soon. Love you girls!


corie said...

LOVE this G!! Want to read each page. XOXO, sweetie. So blessed to be your sister.

Nikki said...

Wow - I am speechless - what an honor! The books look amazing - I want to see them all in person! Love you loads!!!


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