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Welcome Home!

Since Dharma has come into our lives so have some remarkable friends who I've met at the dog park. Lauren, Mike and I can often be found cracking up laughing on a nightly basis.
We dog park it together, go on bike rides together and my personal fave..drink mojitos together, typically after a long bike ride. Mike can make a brilliant mojito! Sadly Lauren had to be away for a while because of a death in the family and Mike and I were trying to think of some way to welcome her home. And what better way than to break into her house (with the key she gave us, of course) and surprise her with things around the house like fresh flowers, ice cream cake and a picture of me and mike on her bedside table. This was the part that made us laugh and laugh. Of course I had to craft it up and took a plain wood frame and decoupaged it with a mojito recipe that I printed out on standard copy paper. Fun little gift that brought a smile to Lauren's lips..a great way to welcome her home.

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Leah said...

You are the nicest friend! Remind me to give you a key sometime. :-)


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