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Field Bag

Logan's birthday recently passed and this year I decided to do things a bit low key. Instead of a big party I opted to invite two families over, each with 2 kids, for dinner on a weeknight. Dinner was Costco pizza followed by ice cream and chocolate chip cookies. All the kids came in their pajamas and after dinner they enjoyed a movie rented from redbox while the parents enjoyed cocktails and conversation. Possibly the best kid birthday party, low stress and I got to visit with friends too! Speaking of friends, I feel so fortunate to have such talented friends. Jen made Logan a field bag packed with colored pencils and notepads. Here is the blog where she got the idea from with directions on how to make your own. I love that it's recycled from a pair cargo pants. Great idea for a little girl too.


morninglight mama said...

You ladies are so creative- I just love reading about your projects!

The Schuster's said...

I absolutely love this! And what a fab idea for a b-day party. I'll have to remember that.

Jen said...

I'm so glad it is getting use holding Logan's whatevers!!!

Tish said...

I've been using my husband's pants (too worn at the cuffs to donate) and my son's jeans (to worn at the knees) to make washable grocery bags. It's really handy to have a pocket or two on the grocery bag, and the washable thing is great. I use fabric scraps from my stash to make the handles and a lining strip at the top of the bag. It takes about an hour and a half to strip down and re-make a pair of pants into two grocery bags.

Gretchen said...

Tish what a great idea!!!


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