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Matchbook Notepad

It's really hard to share my crafting posts right now because I'm currently making Christmas gifts. Hopefully I'll have them wrapped up and finished after this weekend, I hate when I'm still making gifts all the way to Christmas. I prefer to have some time to sit back and enjoy the holiday music, pull out the 2 sticks and cast on. With nothing in particular in mind...just to sit and knit next to the Christmas tree. Ah it's a moment in time I'd like to bottle up and keep in my pocket for those days when I feel like my head may explode.

Here is something that everyone will be getting in their Christmas Stocking this year, a Matchbook Notepad. I used 2 scraps of scrapbook paper and card stock and adhered them back to back to each other. Adding paper that I've collected for recycling, a bit of folding and a staple and you are done. Simple. Yet great to stuff in your purse or back pocket to jot down quick notes or to do lists.


Anonymous said...

I love this! I'm making homemade gifts this year and I'm going to attempt this one. Don't know if it will work out quite as nicely as the one in your photo but I'll give it a shot. My sister loves Archie comics (we're both 27 but young at heart) so maybe i'll try gluing a page from an Archie comic to cardstock! You're giving me ideas here...

Anonymous said...

Hi all. How are you?


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