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E.M.Papers- Free Printable Greeting Cards

EM Papers is a bit different from all those other free online cards. These cards you do not send via email but instead print them out and mail them. I'm not a fan at all of the email version of cards...I know it's the more environmentally friendly thing to do but I like getting the snail mail. My inbox gets so bogged down with junk that an email card actually barely gets opened. Whereas the paper counterpart I get excited to see, if it's a cute picture or meaningful message it gets displayed for the month of my bday and then it gets reborn in the scrap paper pile and from there who knows what it will become. But it will become something. :)

I'm going to warn you...I know it's a little odd that on this website you have to add the cards with no price, to your shopping basket and checkout... but the cards are free that do not have a price. Some of the cards clearly say they are $1.50. There isn't a hidden fee for the free cards that will get you in the end or anything, I was kinda expecting that.

Surprise the next person on your birthday list, with a birthday card because 'Birthdays are Better with Botox' as the card above states on the inside. I am so sending this to my MIL, she is going to think this is hilarious!

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Jeff said...

You can also try ThirdAgeProductions. It's easy to use and does not require registration


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