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A gift of Peace: Christmas Ornament

I'm making ornaments for stocking stuffers this year. I've never actually made an ornament before, and I really like the quick craft time it takes to produce the finished product. I've adorned this wooden block with scraps of paper from my scrap booking stash. It's a perfect way for me to use the tiny pieces I hate to throw in the recycling bin. My favorite part of the ornament is the vintage button on the top. I've inherited my mother's button collection, which is more than one woman can use on clothing in her lifetime even if she's making clothes for her entire family of 4. So I'm excited to put them to good use too. I hope this gift of peace finds you well.


Anonymous said...

Love it Gretch! Someone's going to be very lucky! :)) Hugs, Ang

Anonymous said...

I don't know if the button company still does this (you are talking about in the 70's), but look for the company on the back of the cards.
Their deal was you send them $5.00 and they will send you 5 lbs of button. I told the company that I was sewing for 2 girls and that group came in all kinds of colors. As Gretchen has said I never brought bottons again. Yes she does have a lot of buttons, I did this more than twice. :o)
Love, Mom


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