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Christmas Craft: Kitchen items

This year I decided to give gifts that would play an important role in the room where everyone ends up piling in...the kitchen. I'm often surprised how many people end up in our teeny tiny kitchen, but there is something about a kitchen that draws people in. Patchwork pot holders, matching towels and dishcloths appeared under many trees. Here is a sample of a set I made, each gift I used different fabric. For the inside of the pot holders I used 3 layers of fleece, it's much cheaper than batting. And the towels I purchased in a huge lot at Costco. An added bonus is that all of the fabric is from scraps. All in all a very low cost, crafty Christmas!

1 comment:

Nikki said...

Gretch, they are so cute. I will be "borrowing" this idea from you next year :)


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