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Nathaniel's Schedule Chart

I posted Logan's schedule chart a while back, it has helped immensely with his anxiety over the plan for the day. When our friends are over they always admire Logan's chart and comment how they need to get one for their son, Nathaniel who isn't autistic but also has anxiety about the day. We were recently invited to Nathaniel's b-day party and I knew right away what I'd be making for him. Instead of using Velcro to adhere the pictures, I made vinyl pockets to put each card into and one large pocket to hold all the cards. The entire thing is made from scraps of fabric and quilted together with easy tabs to hang on the wall. I hope Nathaniel enjoys planning his days from now on.


annasoc said...

You should make and sell those to ADULTs planning their workdays. It would make things so much less stressful.

Dannielle said...

Ok, where did you get the vinyl and how hard was it to sew? I've been considering a ton of projects using the stuff and just haven't braved it yet!!!

Gretchen said...

The vinyl is actually from a tablecloth packaging. I'll all about upcycling! For these small pockets it's pretty easy to sew...other times I've used it I used paperclips to hold the pieces together instead of pins which would leave a ton of holes.

Liz said...

What a great idea. My son gets stressed about where he will go each day after school (to the librabr, sitters, etc.) This would help him quite a bit.


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