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Christmas Craft is OVER!

Hallelujah! I finally finished all of my Christmas crafts! Some I abandoned and now they are on my to-do list for the kids' birthdays. I made 9 calendars this year and I've promised myself to make the calendars simple next year. I'm scaling back because they are so labor intensive being completely made by hand that I end up dreading making them.

I'll start sharing the details of the rest of the gifts once Christmas approaches. This year everyone got the same exact thing, fabric styles were different per person. I highly suggest trying this because it's so much easier to reproduce the same thing 9 times. I know it's not as fun but the gifts get made quickly and easily.
Stay tuned for Christmas Craft details!


Anonymous said...

You are killin me! I wanna see NOW! LOL! But my blog is the same way. I haven't posted since the 10th because I can't show anything yet. Oh well! Soon!

Anonymous said...

Hahah I will definitely be back for the craft details. You piqued my curiosity! Calendars are excellent Christmas craft ideas and I'm adding them to my list. So you better post the craft details asap :)


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