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Zoe's Birthday Doll

I've never made a doll before and one of our favorite friends recently turned 4, Zoe= sister/twin of Nathaniel mentioned in an earlier post.
I knew I wanted to make a doll for Zoe. She's a girly girl and I never get the chance to craft girly stuff. The doll is made from recycled materials and leftover scraps of fabric. Her head, for example, is made from an old t-shirt that Zane outgrew. I crocheted her purple hair and stitched it on her head. Her face is embroidered by hand and I added purple glasses since Zoe wears glasses. The shirt and dress are made from scraps of fabric from my stash, and I added a vintage button in Zoe's favorite color-PINK.
My favorite part of the doll is her flower tattoo. Both of Zoe's mamas have tattoos on their arms so if any girl could have a tattooed doll it would be Zoe.
It was hard giving her up, I enjoyed seeing her in my craft room, but I'm so happy to make something special for Zoe. Who, as one of her mamas told me she has named the doll Gretchen! Love that!!


Nikki said...

Oh, I love it! It is adorable. What a lucky birthday girl!

annasoc said...

Oh, that doll is too cute and I love that it has glasses and a tattoo. The divine is in the details.

Liz said...

She is super cute!


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