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Creating Holiday Traditions

This will be the first Christmas since Jon and I have been together that we are spending it in our house. That's 8 years of traveling folks! I'm so excited for Christmas morning, hearing the boys pitter patter down the steps to see the presents under our tree. I want to make this Christmas special. And I also want to create some holiday traditions. So this year I decided to make 25 of these blue felt stars to decorate our tree. On each star there is an embroidered word that Jon and I came up with together that reminds us of the holiday season. Everyday the boys take turns to hang a star on the tree and we talk about the word, what it means, how we can demonstrate that into our lives. Every other year we will celebrate in Arizona with Jon's parents but I hope when the boys look back on the years we spend in our house that they will remember it fondly.


annasoc said...

It's so great to see the stars "go live." What a wonderful and meaningful tradition for you and your family. And good luck tomorrow!

morninglight mama said...

Shall I say for perhaps the 712th time that I am mad-impressed with your crafting skillz? (Yes, that had to be a z.)

Sounds like the beginning of a beautiful tradition.

Justice Fergie said...

what a fantastic idea! i love that.

i'm visitng by way of A Parent in Silver Spring. Happy to have found your blog!


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