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Logan is 6! Thank You Cards

Do you ever find yourself at Joann's and completely overwhelmed by the choices? I had hopes of being inspired, finding a paper that would fuel me to create. That didn't happen. Instead I was overwhelmed with the choices, too much "stuff". I stopped myself from buying one of those Stack sets, I always regret it after using the 3 or 4 prints that sparked me to buy it in the first place. I walked away with Lucky You Clear Border Stickers. The whole line of Lucky You products are pretty darn cute...I'll be back for more. Definitely.
So these are the thank you cards I made for Logan's b-day, a picture adhered to white card stock with border sticker and random "L" stickers from my stash. (thanks to Corie and Wendi who sent me a huge collection of L and Z's)
Simple. No point in overdoing it, get 'em made and in the mail!


a friend to knit with said...

absolutely ADORABLE!!!

urban craft said...

totally perfect! Love that shot of him in the ikea chair too, wicked!


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