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Sex and the City

Oh it's good, it's really good. My mom and I went to the theatre last night and began the evening with cocktails and then reunited with the girls. It's like visiting old friends. I didn't realize how much I have missed watching the show every week. That in part because at the time I was living in NYC, single and seeing my best friend (Jessica) everyday...oh how times have changed. But the girls are exactly how you remembered them. If you were a fan of the show then you are going to LOVE the movie. If you never watched the show, you'll follow along but you won't quite get the depth of Carrie and Big's relationship.

Go see it! Worth every cent.
I'll be buying the dvd when it comes out.

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Anonymous said...

I have to agreed 100%, that Sex and the City movie was GREAT. It was Gretchen that got me hooked on the show and I was sad when it ended. The evening was great, too bad it had to end.


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