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Gift for Me

Often its seems that everything I make leaves me as a gift for someone else. And though I love giving homemade gifts, sometimes I want to have one of my own creations to keep.

Sometime ago I was given the book Stitch N' Bitch Crochet the Happy Hookers by Debbie Stoller.
I've probably thumbed through the book fifty times but never sat down and worked one of the patterns - until this week.

Since I have a few days off between jobs right now I decided it was the perfect time to make a gift for me and to finally make one of the hip and modern patterns in The Happy Hooker.

The pattern is called "Fat Bottom Bag". The pin is from my antique jewelry collection. The bag worked up super quick and was actually more of a technique than a pattern that could be useful for making a larger bag if you desired.

If you haven't crafted anything purely for yourself lately. The time is now.


Gretchen said...

very very cute bag! Just a warning don't put too many things in it. Yarn bags start to stretch out of shape when loaded.

Unknown said...

that's a great pin! i love antique jewelry!


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