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Trash Time in Boulder

Boulder, CO is many things and one of them is a college town. So end of May and end of August, as leases are up, there is a treasure trove of items to be found for free on the curbside. My eyes are peeled this year for a dresser.

My best find last year was this completely functional and intact solid oak entertainment center. I found it in my very parking lot as the boys downstairs were throwing it out because they couldn't get it their moving van. I was glad I stumbled across them throwing it away, because I would have never been able to get it up the stairs myself. The piece is in mint condition and we have used it for almost a year now.

It's light oak finish fits nicely with the rest of our second hand furniture. In fact the only thing purchased new in our living room was the futon. You've gotta have a comfortable futon!

So, if your in Boulder and see a great free dresser this season let me know.

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