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Mini Album : Bike Route and Mother's Day

My dad is so hard to shop for and even harder to make things for. He's the type of guy who has everything he needs. Well this year, hopefully, he'll enjoy the mini bicycle album I made for him using all recycled materials. The covers are made of cardboard and the actual pages are envelopes that I have collected from junk mail/credit card offers. I then used scraps from my paper stash to disguise the envelopes. On the front of each envelope I have a description of the bike ride and inside the envelope is a map of the route.

mothers day present 97/366
I also created a similar in style mini album for my mom for mother's day. Within her book each envelope contains a pull out page that describes the qualities I admire most in her.
These mini albums could have an endless amount of themes. Maybe you have a hiker in your could create a similar book like the one I made for my dad. Or for a golfer you could have golfing vacation destinations with accommodations in the envelopes. To get ideas for destinations I used google, as many places are state parks.
I'm slightly obsessed with mini albums right now so you'll be seeing more in the future posts.

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