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Child's Art Embroidery

It's not possible to keep every masterpiece that my kids' make. The stack of art and schoolwork from Logan in pre-K is already a foot high. There are many different ideas to house and store kid's artwork in almost every parenting magazine. But in the book The Creative Family by Amanda Blake Soule she came up with an awesome idea that I am just loving. Basically the idea is to embroider the kids' artwork on fabric, from there you could make a pillow, frame it or add it to a quilt. I am keeping the fabric on the hoops and hanging them on the wall. I love this idea because I really want to capture who they are right now. For example Logan can write his name but is not at all interested in drawing anymore. So I drew very simple designs of the things he is interested in like flowers, butterflies and the weather.
The best way, and cheapest, that I have found to transfer the art on fabric is to tape the art onto a window and then tape the fabric on top of that. Using the sun to help you trace the art.... actually trace with washable children's markers. Then follow your pattern with thread. It's really quite simple and once you start you reach that Zen state. No wonder this craft has been around so long.

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Anonymous said...

Great idea---I would not have thought of that!


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