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Upcycled Polo Shirt

As you know I've been crazy about making rag rugs and I put a call out to family and friends to save all their old, colored t-shirts for me. My dad, who has a bit of a t-shirt consuming problem, handed over a big ol' bag of t-shirts. There on the bottom were some men's polo shirts. I tried to cut and crochet them to make a rug but the material is just too thick no matter how thin I make the strips. So I decided to try and upcycle a shirt instead. I liked the length of the polo but the fit was all wrong. I laid out the polo on the dining room table and on top put a t-shirt that I already own that I really like the fit of and used that as my guide. I decided to totally cut out the collar and buttons which created a big flashdance-esque neckline. I needed something to cover the logo so I grabbed some scraps of fabric and cut a petal and made a yo-yo flower (really awesome tutorial here from Heather). After a few more washings I'm hoping the petal becomes really frayed. It didn't take long at all to make and in the end it's just a fun shirt to hang out in on the playground.


morninglight mama said...

You crafty, hot mama!! That looks so very cool!

Nikki said...

Love it! You are too cute in that pic!

Anonymous said...

I got this shirt from a Thrift store, and now it has been recycle twice. Great job!

annasoc said...

That is so adorable, Gretchen. Go you refashionista, you.


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