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Solo Parenting

Jon has been at a book conference in NYC which leaves me solo parenting for a few days. These are always the moments when I have so much respect for single parents. It is not easy to do this parenting thing on your own. I bow down to you solo parents.
This has been my journey...
  • During the last few days my kids have watched more TV than I would like to admit.
  • I've put myself in time out because I didn't like the tone of my voice when it came out of my mouth.
  • I'm more likely to go to bed at a reasonable hour since I don't have anyone interesting to talk to at 10pm.
  • I eat like crap because I can't stand cooking for just one person. (my kids never eat what we eat.)
  • I can't find the time to work out.
  • Because I'm eating like crap and not working out, I feel like utter crap. And I'm sure I am no fun to be around.
  • I slack on the schedule. Bath time happens later, if at all...but in the end does it really matter?
I learn a lot about myself during these rare times. I tend to take more risks when I am solo parenting. I, for some reason, encourage Zane to do crazy things like skateboard off a park bench. I feel the need to fill them with me...and just me..the things I like to do, my thoughts. It's an interesting experience. When I have a moment to actually think about it.

When it's all said and done, I'll be very glad to have my partner on this parenting journey return home and balance us out a bit. But in the meantime we are headed to the beach..maybe I can teach the boys how to surf!

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