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Baby Bird Rescue

I'll be honest I'm not a fan of outside cats. I despise cleaning up cat shit in my garden and the cat claw marks on the hood of my car irritate me. And yes, we have cats but they stay inside. My biggest pet peeve are cat owners who not only let their cats roam outside but also have bird feeders and bird houses in their yard. This seems so cruel!

The other day Dharma, our dog, found a baby bird and kindly delivered it to me. For once she actually listened to the command "drop it" and placed this frail creature in my hands, with a look that followed as if she was saying "aren't you going to do something?"

I found the birdhouse that the baby bird came from...there are 7 in my neighbors yard to choose from...the giveaway? A dead sibling mauled and hanging out of the opening. I wrapped the bird in a kitchen towel and placed it under the birdhouse and then promptly started calling everyone I know who might have advice on what to do. This was my first encounter with a bird rescue.
Once Jon got home from work the rescue mission began! We removed the dead sibling, I had noticed the mama bird coming close to the birdhouse but never going near the opening. Which I was told by the bird lovers in my life that that was a good sign. Jon placed the bird through the tiny circular hole and then we waited.
Within the hour mama bird was back and feeding her babies. Yes...babies... there was one other baby bird safe in the house. Quiet. Waiting.

The birds are a constant observation in our lives now. Every morning Zane and I check on them, talk to them, watch as the mama feeds them, she has deemed us safe to be near. It is truly amazing. Also a reminder that even in nature, life as usual must go on. I'd like to think the mama bird mourned the loss of her one baby and as so many women I know who have miscarried or lost a child, you have to wipe the tears away because there are other children who need you.
The strength in that action alone takes my breath away.

Life is changing right in our backyard and I'm taking this opportunity to get a jump start on our unschooling summer project. Education happens in these tiny moments.


morninglight mama said...

Oh. Oh my. What an experience-- so sad, and yet so fulfilling to know that you helped that little baby. Way to go!

annasoc said...

Oh my, what a beautiful story. Made me cry.
And Tati stays in the house.
Anna S.

craftymama said...

that is amazing the mama took the baby back after after human (and canine!) contact!

well done!

Gretchen said...

Craftymama, during this experience I learned that the human contact thing is a myth and that birds don't have that keen of a sense of smell. who knew!


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