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Sewing Table Upcycled

I picked up this sewing table on freecyle (big surprise, right?!?!) and knew I wanted to make it into a desk. Only seems appropriate. I installed a shelf where the sewing machine once lived to hold my Mac mini, wireless mouse and all the cords to the phone, ipod etc... I then took a random piece of wood that we had and covered it in oilcloth and added door stoppers for legs. Isn't that the greatest idea?!!? I picked it up from Lifehacker. This way my printer can live on top and the cords can feed down to the computer. The part of the desk that flips over needed a bit more support to hold my keyboard and originally I was thinking of adding a table leg. I actually went to Home Depot and bought one and on the drive home came up with this brilliant plan to use some of the cool, old books we have. Jon was also excited to have a bit more bookshelf space too.
The woman who I received the sewing table from was clearing out her friend's house after she died at 97!! The friend told me stories about her and at 97 this woman was campaigning for Obama! Love that! She seems like the kind of woman who would have appreciated an upcycle of her sewing table.

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Kristin said...

That looks really nice. What great ideas you have!


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