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Gini's Birthday Tag Book

At my Mother-in-law's party I snapped a few shots of guests, not as many as I had hoped but I was on kid duty while Jon played bartender so my focus was split. I combined the pictures with the responses on the RSVP tags and with a binder clip made a tag book. Still such a fan of these, see here and here. If you missed the invites here is that post.
The picture on the cover is recycled from a birthday card I received. I loved the stitching on it that I couldn't see it just thrown in the recycling bin. I was inspired by a post by Ali Edwards, which I now can't find, but in the post she talked about creating a layout or book that is totally opposite of the way you normally create. Normally my layouts are all very organized, color coordinated and I don't know..just so. With this book I added embellishments on the ring that just float around, like the G in the second picture. Also the pages are different sizes, the tags are all the same but some people sent a separate paper with a letter to Gini so I created pockets for them to be stored in and those are larger than the tags. Coordinated ribbon finishes it off. And in the mail it goes.

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Anonymous said...

This is really a wonderful gift to remember a special Birthday.
I know Ginni will treasure this.


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