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Sofa Table

I've been hunting for a table to go behind our sofa and because no one will really see it I didn't want to spend a lot of money. Also size, every inch, has to be accounted for in our little house. After coming up empty handed in numerous thrift stores, I decided to make my own. I posted a "wanted" ad on freecycle for a piece of wood that was 12 inches wide and 6 feet long. As fate would have it the freecycle gods shined down on me and a kind neighbor had just the piece of wood I needed. Instead of painting the whole thing I decided to cover the top with oilcloth. I bought the legs at Home Depot and installed those in minutes, they came unfinished so I painted the legs white. I'm going for a new country/cottage feel in our living room. Now I can sit on the sofa and actually see the knitting/embroidery/crochet that I am working on with the lights behind me. And speaking of which...those lampshades are next on my list. I think I'm going to try and cover them in fabric. Has anyone ever done that before? Pointers?


Kristin said...

I love your idea for the sofa table! I've been looking for one at the thrift stores for a long time. I may have to do this! Thanks!

annasoc said...

Lampshades. type a search in Craftzine and maybe one in craftster. Or Design Sponge. I am sure I've seen a tutorial somewhere.


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