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So long vintage cars.

One of my husband's parents saved all his Hot Wheel/Matchbox cars from his childhood and we've been letting the boys zoom them around the living room floor, imitating beltway traffic and creating race tracks and ramps. And then last weekend while at a birthday party, my cousin reminded me that the lead laws had not passed when most of these cars were made.
Of course paranoia set in and even though my boys are way past putting random objects/toys in their mouths I still don't want them playing with something that could be harmful. A lot of the cars have paint that is chipping and the oldest one was made in 1969. Love how matchbox/hot wheels prints the year on the bottom. So... so long vintage toy cars. Hopefully the replacement cars will last long enough for my boys to hand over to their children.


morninglight mama said...

Man, that sucks. Cool old cars and the connection to knowing that their dad played with them too... damn that old lead paint!!

Marty said...

I have several cars from my boys' childhood and have been letting the grandkids play with them. The dog has eaten parts of most of them and she hasn't suffered any ill effects. Does that count?


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