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I've been feeling a little crowded in our tiny house. We are use to moving each year, typically would do a major purge in the pack it up process, but because we are fast approaching year 2 of living in the same house I'm feeling...crowded.
Time to do something about that.
I came across Rebecca's flickr stream and it inspired me to get rid of some stuff. Her collection of "corners of my home" is breathtaking, the picture posted here is from that collection. God I want to live there! The open space to just be and create and dance! This living room picture makes me want to blast the music and dance with my kids.
So I started, not in the living room, but in our bedroom which is the most unromatic room in the house and was needing some TLC. And my first thought was to get rid of one of our wardrobes and try and fit all of our clothes into one and the teeny tiny closet. So I stood in front of a full length mirror and tried every piece of clothing on. If I caught myself saying, "oh I could cover this stain with a cool DIY brooch".
Nope, gone.
Or if something like a tank top can only be worn with one particular shirt or vice versa.
The "haven't worn it in a year" rule doesn't really apply to SAHMs. My typical uniform is t-shirts and jeans but I do get asked occationally to go out and then that non-playground-approved dress gets dusted off and the push up bra gets it's moment in the spotlight. Today we dropped off 5 (garbage bag sized) bags of clothing at the Salvation Army Thrift Store, and I also gave 2 bags to a friend who has a son younger than mine. And I'm still not done. Toys are next. There is no reason to have as many batmans as we do. Or star trek guys... or any of it.
I am channeling simplicity. Hoping my kids embrace the less is more mentality.
Wish me luck!


Kristin said...

That's exactly what I'm trying to do here. I find myself surrounded by so much "junk" (at one time "must haves") that seems to build up before I know it.

mikawendy said...

For some of the streamlining, you could put away (to rotate toys, etc.) or for keepsakes later. Some of the things that I threw out as a child I now regret not having, though I also did get rid of a lot of junk, too.

Gretchen said...

Mikawendy-we actually do that..rotate toys out of the attic, typically by season. But even that has gotten out of hand. It's time to just pare down. :)


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