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Unschooling Summer

I've been reading recently about "unschooling" and find it very fascinating. I typically lean this way towards my parenting style, finding teachable moments in our everyday life. And while both of my children will remain in the public school setting, for the time being, I am actively going to join some other moms/dads on a mission to create an Unschooling Summer for our kids. You can learn about it here and it's not too late to join up if you are interested in this journey.

The boys and I recently had a lunch date with their daddy at his work while they were on spring break. We took a walk and stumbled upon this graveyard. And this is exactly what I am referring to when I talk about teachable moments. Logan was full of questions and I wanted to answer as honestly as possible, Jon was a bit hesitate at first but then dived head first in the conversation. It was the perfect opportunity to talk about death, death is going to happen in their lives at some point and why not explain it on this beautiful spring day as we walk happily as a family. Instead of after someone they love dies and the emotions are so strong and confusing. So we answered questions about what happens to the bodies after being buried? Why they are buried? Who is this lady anyway?
As we were leaving we stumbled upon a corpse of what I imagine was a deer and I felt like it was God placing this in front of us, as if to say "you guys are doing it right, here is an imagine to go along with those answers".
We looked closely at the bones, identifing the bones we clearly knew. Talking again about death, wondering what happened to this animal and making up different scenarios. All of which involved "the angry hunters". I think we've read Horton Hatches an Egg a few too many times.
I'm excited and inspired about our summer experiment. I wonder where their curious minds will take us. As I kissed Logan good night he whispered into our hug, "that lady was pretty mommy, like you".
Yes it is going to be a very exciting jouney.


Anonymous said...

Honey enjoy every minute of that journey. You might be teaching the boys, but they will show you things too. Welcome to being a parent.

Anonymous said...

How wonderful. So glad you are already diving in. This was a wonderful post.

corie said...

really inspiring, g. love this. with t feeling so ready for preschool and not starting til fall, this has been on my mind, i just didn't know what to call it. now i can follow the resources you've shown for inspiration. as usual!

morninglight mama said...

An incredible post, Gretchen! Real-life teachable moments are what it's all about. :)

annasoc said...

Oh Gretchen, You make me laugh and you make me cry. This story made me cry. You always hit a note. Thanks for letting me see a little of the journey.

Mrs Pretzel said...

GREAT day!! So happy to be on the journey with you!

kelli said...

This is great -what an opportunity. Truly what it's all about. Thanks for sharing!

Karen Y said...

must have been in the spring break water. MAY was asking about two deceased aunts . . . we then spent the afternoon at the cemetery. She is already talking about the next visit. True, teachable moments are the best!


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