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Baby Quilt

My childhood friend, Cindy, is having a baby boy in June and this past weekend friends and family came together to celebrate. Cindy and I have had a very long history. We went to high school together, stood next to one another as each one professed their love to their husbands, she stayed with me for a week when Jon had to go to Seattle right after Logan was born to find us an apartment. And I wish I could repay that. I wish I could go to Chicago and stay for a week to help her, but sadly I can't. I have my own kids who need me here. I know she understands this but I still feel a pang of guilt about it.

I made this quilt for her sweet boy. Even though she knows she is having a boy I wanted to make something that was a bit gender neutral. Just in case this baby doesn't gravitate to it possibly the next child that they have will. This scenario has happened in our house, Zane has adopted many of the handmade blankets that were made for Logan when he was a baby. The next quilt I make, I'm actually going to try using a pattern...just to see what happens.

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Anonymous said...

Gretchen your pattern is from the heart and that makes it special. Anybody can use a pattern. It is the kind/color of the material that makes it so special. Who knows you might be so hooked on quilting.


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